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Wales Director Valerie Livingston upvotes the Welsh Government’s latest digital strategy.

“Digital in Wales will improve quality of life, sustainability and economic growth, creating user-centred public services supported by effective leadership, data and a culture of innovation and collaboration.” 

That is the Welsh Government’s vision and what it is attempting to achieve with its Digital Strategy for Wales, which was launched this week.

Launched but not quite published. Publication is scheduled for next year. Refreshingly, Deputy Economy Minister Lee Waters and the team leading this work, are sharing their developing thinking in a series of blog posts, each considering one of the six missions that sit below the strategy. Lee Waters has been vocal on this issue since his election to the Senedd in 2016 and its great to see his enthusiasm translate into comprehensive policy and an accessible consultation.

Read the blog and leave your comments in the comments. Delightful.

As this strategy unfolds, so does the newly created Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) which has been established to address problems, set standards and provide advice to public services looking to up their digital game.

2020 pushed through radical change at breakneck speed for many public (and indeed private) services. Hopefully the best of this can be solidified and improved in 2021. This strategy certainly looks promising.

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