We support legal firms, accountancy bodies, regulatory organisations and professional services trade organisations.

Keeping track of law making and tax raising powers across the UK is more complicated than it once was.  On the small details and the big agendas, our team are closely tuned in to the emerging discussions.  When announcements are made, we are listening in to provide unbiased reporting with all the essential details, delivered direct to your inbox.

For membership organisations, we can provide that early-warning that keeps you and your members on the front foot and fully briefed on the latest developments.

We’re also closely tuned in to the constitutional debates which are well established in Scotland and growing in prominence in Wales.  As the dust from Brexit settles, our team is tracking the latest constitutional themes, long before politicians hit the air waves with announcements that can affect your business. 

Arrange a no-obligation trial today and find out how our political monitoring can help your team keep tabs on this complex policy area.

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Ash Neilson

Account Manager - Scotland

Ash Neilson

Account Manager - Scotland

“Our Newsdirect daily report has hugely enhanced our policy and public affairs work in Sustrans Scotland. Adding Newsdirect as our political monitoring partner has transformed how we manage policy and public affairs."
Clare Daly
Sustrans Scotland
Newsdirect’s monitoring service plays a vital role, supporting us to remain on top of developments across government portfolios and Senedd business. It allows us to target our public affairs and political engagement activity to be in tune with what’s on the minds of politicians and decision-makers
Matthew Kennedy CIHM
CIH Cymru
Newsdirect's monitoring is an absolutely essential tool for Cardiff University’s engagement with politicians and government. Their conscientious and helpful team are also quick to respond to questions so that we always have the information we need to make informed decisions.
Ed Bridges
Cardiff University

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