Senedd Today is your daily guide to what’s going on in and around Welsh politics.

Published at 16:00, Senedd Today is a scrollable email bulletin compiled by our expert Cardiff team. Scan through and follow-up on what’s relevant to you as items link to source information.

And our Senedd Today service goes beyond a daily update:

  • On big-ticket days when there’s budgets and legislative statements, you’ll get extra alerts collating the details of what’s been announced and links to the official documents.
  • If parliamentary business changes unexpectedly, you’ll get an email alert with the details of what’s been announced
  • Snap reshuffle or unexpected resignation?  We’ll let you know what’s going on and who’s moving where.
  • We keep you ahead of the game with a summary of debates from Welsh party conferences, delivered the Monday morning after conference concludes.


Combine Senedd Today with a keyword scan and we can deliver a powerful package that’s cost-effective.

Book a meeting with our Cardiff Bay team to hear more about this service and sign-up for a free, no obligation trial.

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“Our Newsdirect daily report has hugely enhanced our policy and public affairs work in Sustrans Scotland. Adding Newsdirect as our political monitoring partner has transformed how we manage policy and public affairs."
Clare Daly
Sustrans Scotland
Our report from Newsdirect saves us so much time and capacity. Having the service has meant that us and our members can focus on acting on the information, instead of just trying to find it.
Liz Smith
Wales Environment Link
Newsdirect’s monitoring service plays a vital role, supporting us to remain on top of developments across government portfolios and Senedd business. It allows us to target our public affairs and political engagement activity to be in tune with what’s on the minds of politicians and decision-makers
Matthew Kennedy CIHM
CIH Cymru

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We're the parliamentary monitoring company which combines an experienced team with the latest technology to bring you the briefing and analysis you need to make an impact.

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