AI and the great government document hoard

An interesting little story caught my eye in last Saturday’s Times, writes Newsdirect Wales’ director Valerie Livingston. AI Trawls 20,000 miles of state papers (I’d attach a link but – rather ironically – I came across the original story in the physical copy of the paper and it doesn’t appear to be online.) Times Policy […]

Brexit in Brief: Businesses, PMQs and Tax

DIY Michael Russell has launched a new online tool to help Scottish businesses identify how they could be affected by Brexit. The website,, is intended to be a “one-stop shop” with a self-assessment tool, advice, events, workshops and financial support. Speaking on a visit to Complete Storage Interiors, the Cabinet Secretary stated that support provided […]

Five Things Happening in the Scottish Parliament This Week

Something Wicked This Way Comes Yes, Parliament’s seriously short October recess is officially over, just as we all start gearing up for Halloween. With oral questions, debates and committees all back, followers of Scottish politics have reasons to be fearful. The Economy, Energy & Fair Work Committee will discuss the proposed Publicly Owned Energy Company […]

Brexit in brief: Referenda, customs unions and fishing

Henry Anderson looks at some of the major Brexit developments over the last week.  Neverendums: At SNP conference last week, the party leapfrogged Labour’s faltering steps towards backing a second vote on the EU. Nicola Sturgeon offered cautious support for another vote but with the caveat that a differential vote in Scotland could still be […]