AI and the great government document hoard

An interesting little story caught my eye in last Saturday’s Times, writes Newsdirect Wales’ director Valerie Livingston. AI Trawls 20,000 miles of state papers (I’d attach a link but – rather ironically – I came across the original story in the physical copy of the paper and it doesn’t appear to be online.) Times Policy […]

Top 10 tips for job applicants

Sound advice applying for vacancies with us or anybody, really. Over the course of a year, we read hundreds of job applications. We always undertake the CV-sifting process ourselves and every application is read by at least two ND staff members. Based on our experience, we’ve put together our top tips for applicants. These won’t […]

A goodbye to Newsdirect

Rachel Fergusson tells us about a very different kind of gap year. Less full moon parties and more full plenary agendas… When I made the decision to take an impromptu gap year late last summer, I didn’t have the faintest idea how the next 12 months were going to pan out. With a pitiful bank […]