Education: Putting Nicola Sturgeon’s Top Priority to the Test

During a speech in 2015, Nicola Sturgeon declared that she “wanted to be judged” on her education record and committed that it would be her “priority” during her time in office. In doing this, the First Minister opened the Scottish Government’s education performance up to regular criticism from opposition parties or, in the words of TES […]

AI and the great government document hoard

An interesting little story caught my eye in last Saturday’s Times, writes Newsdirect Wales’ director Valerie Livingston. AI Trawls 20,000 miles of state papers (I’d attach a link but – rather ironically – I came across the original story in the physical copy of the paper and it doesn’t appear to be online.) Times Policy […]

The Legislative Programme

As Carwyn Jones makes a statement on the Welsh Government’s legislative priorities for the year ahead, we take a look at the proposed bills… Carwyn Jones has announced his government’s legislative priorities for the coming year. The First Minister will make a statement to plenary this afternoon expanding on plans announced this morning. We have the lowdown […]

What digging the data revealed about Welsh political priorities in 2017

We analysed 2.5 million words over 68 plenary sessions to unveil our top ten talked-about topics this year There have been 68 plenary sessions in 2017 and at newsdirect we’ve watched all of them but in the fast moving world of politics, it can be really hard to get a sense of trends in the […]