Digital Strategy for Wales opens for comments

Wales Director Valerie Livingston upvotes the Welsh Government’s latest digital strategy. “Digital in Wales will improve quality of life, sustainability and economic growth, creating user-centred public services supported by effective leadership, data and a culture of innovation and collaboration.”  That is the Welsh Government’s vision and what it is attempting to achieve with its Digital […]

AI and the great government document hoard

An interesting little story caught my eye in last Saturday’s Times, writes Newsdirect Wales’ director Valerie Livingston. AI Trawls 20,000 miles of state papers (I’d attach a link but – rather ironically – I came across the original story in the physical copy of the paper and it doesn’t appear to be online.) Times Policy […]

Opposition Debates in the Scottish Parliament: A Year in Review

Following our blog looking at each party leader’s FMQs choices over the last year, this one takes an in-depth look at opposition debates. These debates give opposition parties a chance to set the agenda and land some hits on the government, so they what they choose should be revealing. Who was banging on about independence? Which party […]

FMQs: A Year In Review

As we celebrate (mourn?) the last FMQs before the summer break, our Head of Monitoring, Eilidh Carmichael, has taken an anorak-y look at the most popular topics raised at FMQs this year. Think Holyrood spends too much time on constitutional issues? The FMQs hours devoted to the health service suggest otherwise. It is also a […]

What digging the data revealed about Welsh political priorities in 2017

We analysed 2.5 million words over 68 plenary sessions to unveil our top ten talked-about topics this year There have been 68 plenary sessions in 2017 and at newsdirect we’ve watched all of them but in the fast moving world of politics, it can be really hard to get a sense of trends in the […]