The Parliament yesterday approved the following changes to committee memberships and substitute memberships.

Committee Memberships

  • Culture, Tourism, Europe & External Affairs: Gordon Lindhurst to replace Alexander Stewart
  • Culture, Tourism, Europe & External Affairs: Oliver Mundell to replace Donald Cameron
  • Delegated Powers & Law Reform: Gil Paterson to replace Tom Arthur
  • Delegated Powers & Law Reform: Bill Bowman to replace Graham Simpson
  • Delegated Powers & Law Reform: Gordon Lindhurst to replace Jeremy Balfour
  • Economy, Energy & Fair Work: Alison Harris to replace Jamie Halcro Johnston
  • Economy, Energy & Fair Work: Michelle Ballantyne to replace Gordon Lindhurst
  • Education & Skills: Alex Neil to replace Jenny Gilruth
  • Education & Skills: Jamie Halcro Johnston to replace Alison Harris
  • Education & Skills: Jamie Greene to replace Liz Smith
  • Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform: Annie Wells to replace Rachael Hamilton
  • Equalities & Human Rights: Alison Harris to replace Annie Wells
  • Equalities & Human Rights: Maurice Golden to replace Oliver Mundell
  • Finance & Constitution: George Adam to replace Gordon MacDonald
  • Finance & Constitution: Donald Cameron to replace Adam Tomkins
  • Justice: Alasdair Allan to replace Jenny Gilruth
  • Local Government & Communities: Jeremy Balfour to replace Alexander Stewart
  • Public Petitions: Tom Mason to replace Brian Whittle
  • Rural Economy & Connectivity: Rachael Hamilton to replace Jamie Greene
  • Social Security: Tom Arthur to replace Alasdair Allan
  • Social Security: Graham Simpson to replace Michelle Ballantyne
  • Standards, Procedures & Public Appointments: Alexander Stewart to replace Tom Mason


Substitution on committees

  • Culture, Tourism, Europe & External Affairs: Rachael Hamilton to replace Dean Lockhart
  • Delegated Powers & Law Reform: Oliver Mundell to replace Bill Bowman
  • Economy, Energy & Fair Work: Work Maurice Golden to replace Tom Mason
  • Education & Skills: Liz Smith to replace Oliver Mundell
  • Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform: John Scott to replace Maurice Golden
  • Equalities & Human Rights: Miles Briggs to replace Jamie Greene
  • Finance & Constitution: Gillian Martin to replace George Adam
  • Finance & Constitution: Adam Tomkins to replace Jamie Halcro Johnston
  • Finance & Constitution: Rhoda Grant to replace Sarah Boyack
  • Local Government & Communities: Alexander Stewart to replace Tom Mason
  • Local Government & Communities: Pauline McNeill to replace Anas Sarwar
  • Public Audit & Post-legislative Scrutiny: Adam Tomkins to replace Finlay Carson
  • Rural Economy & Connectivity: Dean Lockhart to replace Finlay Carson
  • Social Security: James Dornan to replace Jenny Gilruth
  • Social Security: Brian Whittle to replace Gordon Lindhurst
  • Standards, Procedures & Public Appointments: Liam Kerr to replace Edward Mountain


Following the announcement of new Cabinet roles, some formal tweaks to Committee remits were also agreed to ensure they reflect portfolio changes and can question the relevant Ministers.





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