The UK’s Vaccine Programme Poses New Challenges for Equity and International Travel

Rafe Uddin, Parliamentary Reporter, evaluates the UK vaccination programme and future challenges for international travel. Earlier this month, the EHRC warned there was a need to strike the “right balance between individual liberty and the rights of others” when discussing domestic COVID status certificates. Boris Johnson has been reserved about the use of ‘vaccine passports’ […]

Remote Working: policy considerations for the ‘new normal’

Ian Woodbyrne, Account Manager, analyses how remote working has been considered by stakeholders and policymakers across a range of themes.    At the Scottish Government’s coronavirus briefing in November, Nicola Sturgeon was asked whether she would match the Welsh Government’s target for 30% of its workforce to be working remotely. The First Minister suggested a […]

The Legacy of the Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee

David Wilson, Senior Account Manager, offers a round up of the work of the Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee during Session Five of the Scottish Parliament.    You’d be forgiven for thinking the Rural Economy & Connectivity Committee wasn’t a big deal in the last parliament as it was often overshadowed by other committees, Brexit […]

Councillors and MPs sign up to Salmond’s Alba Party

At a press conference streamed live on Youtube on Friday,  Alex Salmond launched the Alba Party – the vehicle he hopes will deliver his return to front-line politics.   It follows hard on the heels of allegations, counter allegations and the bitter war of words that surrounded the harassment inquiry, formalising the rift between the current […]

Scottish Government announcements – due in March

Scottish Government announcements & updates – due 12-25 March Energy Strategy Position Statement Ministerial Taskforce for Population – update Near Me video consulting service – independent evaluation of the rapid roll-out COVID-19 legislation – update Young Person’s Guarantee – details of the additional £70 million allocation for 2021-22 Strategic Policy Framework for School Age Childcare – progress update […]

Scottish party conference dates – Spring 2021

Friday 5 – Saturday 6 March – Scottish Liberal Democrat virtual conference Saturday 13 – Monday 15 March 2021 – Scottish Conservative virtual conference Friday 26 – Saturday 27 March – Scottish Greens virtual conference An SNP campaign rally is expected in late March, format yet to be confirmed.

GUEST BLOG: Don’t underestimate the voting public

This week’s guest post is from Alastair Ross, Assistant Director, Head of Public Policy (Scotland, Wales & NI) at the Association of British Insurers (ABI)   Since 1999 the Scottish electorate has proved itself to be continually a step ahead of where perhaps polling and certainly commentators have initially estimated it was. I’d contend that […]

A Preview of the Scottish Budget

Jack Fawcett, Senior Reporter, has the latest on what we can expect to be announced and considered in Thursday’s Scottish Budget. The 2021 Budget could be one of the most consequential in recent years. The SNP, bolstered by recent polls showing majority support for Scottish independence, are hoping to capitalise on the ongoing struggles facing […]

Election 2021 – latest news

Latest lockdown raises questions about delaying Holyrood election James Mitchell, professor of public policy at the University of Edinburgh, has called for an urgent summit with the presiding officer to decide whether or not to postpone the Holyrood election. He argued that even if the election went ahead, important decisions needed to be taken soon […]

Digital Strategy for Wales opens for comments

Wales Director Valerie Livingston upvotes the Welsh Government’s latest digital strategy. “Digital in Wales will improve quality of life, sustainability and economic growth, creating user-centred public services supported by effective leadership, data and a culture of innovation and collaboration.”  That is the Welsh Government’s vision and what it is attempting to achieve with its Digital […]